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Observe。New perspective of music

Observe。New perspective of music

When: January 21, 2017, 9:00 pm
Venue: TAG Chengdu
Address: Poly Center Building A Room 2118, Jinxiu St. Wuhou District Chengdu , China (map)
Organizer: TAG Chengdu (Facebook)
-Party Info-
Date时间:2017-01-21 Sat.
Supported by: Sunny W

Free Entry

!SSY and WONKEY have always been keen to explore new combination of music. Making you get out on the floor has been their all time goal.
Interestingly enough, after years of performance, they noticed something significant, that is, unexpected drops, somehow, can make the dancefloor go crazy!

Obeserve。therefore, is here to test out their dynamic sets and more...

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